Zine Haul – Noted Festival 2017

But a small selection of my Noted zine haul. Please excuse my very grown out fingernails.

I may have only made it to one day of Noted Festival this year, but it was the most important day of all – the day of my two events.  It was also the day of the Independent Publishing Fair, which meant that I walked away with quite the collection of new zines to enjoy.

In no particular order, here’s what I picked up:

Jedward: Everything you ever wanted to know about the Irish pop music twinsation
By @alexbneill and @finbahneill.  This is a very thorough exploration into the world of Jedward.  My favourite section is titled “Political Commentary Published by The Guardian While Jedward Were on The X Factor”.

My Favourite Kings
By @alexbennetts.

SAD – Sensitive Adult Daily – issue 1
SAD – The Brain Issue
SAD TIMES – issue 4

Creating a safe space for feelings and adults with mental illness – from Sensitive Adult Daily.  Written and illustrated by Darcy L Rock.

Rut Zine 42
Rut Zine 44
Made at Sticky Institute by @beeeeeonka, distributed by Small Zine Volcano.

The official zine by Scum Mag, featuring work by @emmacones, @jerkvening and many many more insanely talented individuals.

(various issues)
Distributed by Small Zine Volcano.

It’s The Unbelievable Truth
Based on the BBC Radio 4 panel show hosted by David Mitchell.  Edited by Thomas at Sticky Institute.

Found in books.
A collection of notes/memos found inside books at a private girls’ school in suburban Melbourne. By gallerygirlzine @ gmail dot com.

we are infinite – an exploration of young adult fiction
Covering all sorts of YA from Judy Blume to John Greene, with a very comprehensive reading list at the end.  By Karys McEwen and Samantha Riegl.

Temporary Spaces, Edible Places – London
By Keg de Souza.  Purchased from the Sticky Institute table, this zine details the history behind several British picnic staples.

Distributed by Small Zine Volcano.

Shit People At Gigs
By Olivia Grbac.  An illustrated guide to the worst kinds of gig-goers.

We are not amused
the STAR in our FAULTS

Reform School for Wayward Girls
Product of a Sick Mind

Poetry by sangnezine @ gmail dot com.

Sad Girls From The Internet
Amazing illustrations by Gemma Flack.  I would like to collect every zine she’s ever worked on.

By @hellopollyanna.  I met Shu-Ling at NYWF, and she’s a fantastically talented individual.

Friday Night in West Ealing #137
By fridaynightinwestealing @ gmail dot com, distributed by Small Zine Volcano.

Vegetarian Meatloaf Headache
Another memoir zine, from Small Zine Volcano.



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