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Sweet Valley High

I’m not really a fanfic reader, but the odd piece of nostalgia never goes astray.  I honestly can’t remember how I came across the website, but the day I discovered “When Lila Met Stacey”, it was like taking a journey back to my childhood.  My nine year-old self was an avid reader, devouring everything I could find in the young adolescent section of the local library, so it was not surprising that I was a massive fan of both The Baby-Sitters Club and Sweet Valley High.

From precocious thirteen year-old giving out parenting advice and eleven year-olds who resented that their parents wouldn’t let them get nose jobs , to that SVH book [#11 Too Good to be True] where Suzanne Devlin pretended that Mr Collins had raped her, these books were like crack.  But they somehow captivated the minds of so many young girls growing up in the 80s and 90s.  They taught us valuable life lessons – such as how to deal with an evil doppelganger who wants to kill you [or your twin] and take over your life.  And that if your parents don’t like you eating copious amounts of junk food and reading trashy novels, just hide them in various places around your room.  They’ll never know.

“When Lila Met Stacey” picks up on our favourite characters a few years since we last visited them.  Now in their mid twenties, Elizabeth and Todd are living in Stoneybrook, Stacey and Claudia are in New York, and Karen Brewer’s still as annoying as ever.  Written by a clear BSC/SVH tragic under the brilliant psudonym of Winston Egbert, it’s a tongue-in-cheek tribute.

Whether your favourite twin was Jessica or Elizabeth, it doesn’t matter.  Go on over to Winston’s blog, and say hello to your friends.

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