While I Was Gone.

I know I’ve been AWOL lately.  I spent three weeks following Garbage around Australia and New Zealand [while still somehow managing to keep up with all of my homework, and not missing too many classes].  Since that all ended last week, I’ve been in something of a #postgarbagedepression.  They really were an amazing few weeks – and I’ll be writing all about them in the coming days.  Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Glenn left for the US of A [as I write this, he’s watching films and rubbing shoulders with all sorts of important people at SXSW, and I am insanely jealous].

While I’ve been gone, many other un-Garbage-related things have happened.  Things which I would normally have written about on this here blog.  So today, I shall attempt to cover just a few of these things in an umbrella post.  This post.  The one that you are reading right now.  Are you with me yet?  Okay, let’s go…

White Night.

402861_10151762317159937_787885531_nPhoto by Glenn

While I was in stormy Sydney on the night before the Great Soundwave Disaster of 2013, the streets of Melbourne were lit up for our first ever White Night.  It was a massive success – the streets were packed full of people, and the place looked beautiful [from what I’ve seen, anyway].  I’m disappointed that I couldn’t be there, but hopefully I’ll make it next year.

Ben & Leslie got married!

Parks and Recreation[source]

And it was perfect.  That is all.

New Tomb Raider.

tombraider[image via Soul Culture]

It may seem strange that I’m getting all excited about a game when I currently don’t even own a console to play it on, but I’ve been in a gaming mood since attending Game On at Te Papa.  Two weeks ago, Glenn and I saw Side Effects at the cinema, and one of the pre-show ads was for the new Tomb Raider.  I’ve been thinking about playing it ever since, and seeing it on Good Game the other week only made it worse!  Of course, it’s going to be awhile before I do actually get to play it, but it will be exciting when I do.

Mark Watson’s 25 Hour Show.

imageffI chose this image because I think it sums up a lot of what Mark Watson’s marathon shows are all about.  Note the really mean look on Adam Hills’ face. [image by Debbie Dye via Time Out London]

While I was at Soundwave Melbourne [aka ‘The Soundwave That Redeemed Itself Slightly In That Garbage Actually Played’], my favourite comedian [and author], Mr Mark Watson, was reviving a show format that he thought he’d abandoned forever.  Mark Watson used to be renowned for his 24 hour shows, but he stopped doing them a couple of years ago for a variety of reasons.  However, when Comic Relief approached him and asked him to beat his own personal record with a 25 hour show for this year’s benefit, he couldn’t say no.  It was for charity, after all.

By all accounts, the show went brilliantly.  The whole thing was streamed live [thanks to the wonder that is the internet], and people all around the world were able to participate.  Meanwhile, Mark had convinced several of his minions [also known as Watsonians] to complete their own 25 hour challenges.  Collectively, they raised a lot of money for comic relief, and if I’d only been able to fly to London [and overcome the obvious budgetary issues, not to mention the fact that I was kind of busy following a band around the country], I certainly would have been there.  You can read a recap of the whole even courtesy of Time Out London right here.

Dave Grohl’s SXSW Keynote Speech.

72676_10152656130320545_1389544136_n[image from the official Foo Fighters facebook page]

Okay, so this doesn’t quite count as ‘while I was gone’ because it only took place a few hours ago, however I felt the need to mention it here because it’s awesome, and if you care about music it’s absolutely worth watching.  If I were going to be unfairly critical, I’d say that despite using his props well, he relied too much on reading his notes, but Dave Grohl is an excellent speaker and you should listen to what he has to say.  Watch the whole thing here, via NPR.


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