When you hit me, hit me hard

I’ll be seeing Biffy Clyro [and potentially interviewing them – fingers crossed] next Wednesday. That’s one week away. And in case you can’t already tell, I’m a little excited. This is why.

Their album Only Revolutions is probably my second favourite release from 2009 – and that’s a pretty big call to make. Here’s a taste of the album, to give you some idea of what I’m excited about.

Biffy performed “Many of Horror” with Marina & the Diamonds at the NME awards, and it was pretty awful [think Florence & Glasvegas’ horrible take on “Suspicious Minds” – yeah, that bad]. The song itself, however, is brilliant.

This video won the NME award for best video, which is quite an achievement [considering it beat the Arctic Monkeys’ “Cornerstone”]. Channel Ten like to use this song [“The Captain”] to advertise the football. I don’t like football, but I like the song.

“That Golden Rule” was the first single off the album, and it’s also the only clip from Only Revolutions that we have on 1700. Therefore, if you’re an avid Channel 31 viewer, you’ll find that it’s playlisted every couple of Tuesdays, purely for my viewing pleasure [not unlike “Cornerstone”, and The View’s “Shock Horror”].

One week. I can’t wait.


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