What’s Appening #1: Untappd

What’s Appening is a new sporadic feature on this blog, in which I will write about various iOS apps.  Welcome to the very first instalment…


In the past month and a half, I have consumed at least 41 different types of beer and cider, and thanks to Untappd, I’ve been able to keep track of them all.  Kind of like a last.fm for beer, Untappd lets you log not only what you’ve been drinking, but where.  You can also follow people to see what kind of brews they’ve been enjoying lately, and the app can be set up to post your drinking activity to Twitter and/or Facebook [although I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this – do you really need that weird girl you went to high school but keep on your friends list for curiosity’s sake to see exactly how many nights a week you spend at the pub?].

Because it keeps a tally and awards you badges based on your beer choices, Untappd has encouraged me to start trying more beers and branch out of my comfort zone.  Available for free in the App Store, I thoroughly recommend Untappd to any beer or cider fan.

Please note: nobody paid me to write this.  I just really like beer.

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