@WeMelbourne’s First Birthday – And The Night That Didn’t Quite Go According To Plan

@WeMelbourne’s First Birthday – And The Night That Didn’t Quite Go According To Plan

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Expectations: Ride to @WeMelbourne‘s first birthday at Los Barbudos in style, thanks to UBER.  Hang around for an hour or so, meet awesome people, and have a few drinks, then head to a friend’s going away dinner in South Wharf.

Reality: UBER have no cars available, and I’ve missed the bus.  Call a taxi.  Confuse the taxi company by giving them the wrong VIP number.  When that’s finally sorted, wait outside, only to see a taxi turn around in the distance and start going back the wrong way.  Call taxi company back; there’s been some confusion with my address [a common problem for me].  Another cab is on its way.  Finally make it to Los Barbudos, only 45 minutes late.

Knock back more $10 mojitos than were probably necessary.  Meet awesome people, including [but not limited to] @stokely, @mareetsyo, @Melbtown and @bensonsaulo.  Take a couple of cheesy group photos [see above].

Note the time, and jump on a tram to South Wharf.  Call ahead to place my food order and discover that the kitchen is closed.  Arrive in time for a cheesy group photo and a big goodbye.  Walk along South Wharf and discover that every other bar/food place is also closed or closing for the night.

Head to Southern Cross Station, and buy too much food at Hungry Jacks.  Watch a mystery countdown on one of Foxtel’s music channels while scoffing down chips [note: Hungry Jack’s “thick cut” chips (or whatever they are calling them) are not worth the hype; stick with fries].  Note a hungry looking man hovering over the table, eyeing my food.  Leave him my leftovers, and take the tram home, all the while trying to work out what the hell the theme for that countdown was…


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