UNDER THE COVERS: Franz Ferdinand – “Take Me Out”

UNDER THE COVERS: Franz Ferdinand – “Take Me Out”

I love covers. I collect them. Covers of songs I like by artists I’ve never heard of, covers of songs I hate by artists I love, covers of songs I adore by artists I can’t stand. Covers, I love them. I really do. Some of them are awful. Absolutely horrible. Some are just a carbon copy of the original. Others are complete re-interpretations.

Here we have two completely different covers of the same song, Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me Out”.

First up, we have the Scissor Sisters’ lovely lounge version – like Richard Cheese, but better.

And now some Biffy Clyro [who will be here in exactly two weeks – I’m excited!], with a different take. I love both these versions, because they’re each a unique reworking of the original.

Which one do you prefer?


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