Two Months

I’m having some sort of mental blank where the only fictional television or film character who writes that I can think of is Daria.  I’m sure that there are many others, but my brain just won’t let me remember them right now [image source].

You may remember that on Wednesday, I mentioned that I’d be announcing a new writing project.  Well, here it is:

I have two months to write a feature-length screenplay.

By the end of January, I need a complete draft, ready to be edited and rewritten.  There are to be no excuses and no extensions.  If I don’t have a script completed by that point, I will be unable to study feature film next year.  It’s as simple as that; I have to do it.

After my recent NaNoWriMo failure, I’m a little worried about my ability to complete this task.  What if I just can’t find the motivation?  What if I get stuck?  I’m a great procrastinator – in fact, in writing this post I’m procrastinating right now [I call it “productive procrastination”].  So, in an attempt to help push myself along, I’ll be writing twice-weekly “screenplay updates” right here on this blog.  Every Tuesday and Friday I’ll post about where I’m up to in the conception, planning and writing of my script.  Hopefully it’ll help me keep track of my own progress, and will stop me from taking too many days off in a row.

For any readers who really couldn’t give a damn about my screenwriting endeavours, don’t you worry.  I’ll still be posting costumes, and complaints about the fact that Garbage haven’t announced Soundwave sideshows, and information about trivia, and everything else that you’ve come to expect from me.  There’ll just be quite a few writing writing updates along the way.


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