Twenty Eighteen

It is the 18th day of 2018, which seems like as good an excuse as any to provide an update of sorts.  I’d like to blog more this year, but I refuse to impose any kind of schedule (because that would inevitably lead to failure).  Instead, my posts shall remain sporadic and irregular, but hopefully a little more frequent than in 2017.

I launched into 2018 in a brilliant fashion, ringing in the new year at the Falls Music and Arts Festival.  We watched The Kooks from side of stage, and then drove home in the early hours of the morning so that I could get some sleep before work… where I did my first ever weather OB, presenting from the Taste of Tasmania in Hobart.  Fingers crossed there’ll be many more of those to come.

But enough about me for now.  Here is a thread of tweets initiated by Hera Lindsay Bird, where people recommend “funny” songs.  It should keep you occupied for a little while.  Enjoy.


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  • Cameron Barry
    2 years ago

    i thought its bout time i left you a reply on ya website

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