Tuesday Two-Play: “Everything’s Alright”

Tuesday Two-Play: “Everything’s Alright”

After seeing Jesus Christ Superstar last week, I’ve not been able to get the soundtrack out of my head.  Today I present you with two different cast performances of the wonderful track “Everything’s Alright”.

The first comes from the 1992 Australian cast, featuring John Farnham as Jesus, Kate Ceberano as Mary Magdelene and Jon Stevens [from Noiseworks] as Judas.  These are the people who I’ve always associated with this musical, because I used to listen to their cast recording quite a lot as a child.  This performance is from an episode of Hey Hey it’s Saturday, so you get to see Daryl Somers and Ossie Ostrich at the end.

The second is, of course, from the 2012 British cast.  This is a television performance, so it’s a little subdued compared to the stage version.  Trust me when I tell you that Tim Minchin sings with far more anger and emotion when performing live.  Still, this gives you some idea of the dynamics between the three leads, and hopefully it’ll be enough to convince someone [anyone?] of how brilliant this particular production really was.


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