Trivial Pursuits

I love trivia.  My idea of a perfect night out involves chips, cider and a pub quiz [maybe followed by some live music and a little bit of dancing].

A couple of months ago, Glenn and I started to entertain the idea of running our own pub quiz.  With our combined pop culture knowledge and passion for film, telly & music, it seemed like the perfect joint project for us to channel our creative energy into.

After many nights at the pub, eating parmas and drinking Bulmers scoping out the venue and chatting with management, as well as several question-writing and brainstorming sessions, I’m quite pleased to announce that our new trivia night, Do You Know What I Mean? will be launching at the John Curtin Hotel in Carlton on Monday 5th September [that’s next week!].  We hope to see you there!

The “official” Facebook event can be found here.



  • 8 years ago

    Lynda Day is on the poster. I WISH I COULD COME TO THIS SO HARD.

  • 8 years ago

    Oh my god. It finally let me leave a comment. After weeks and weeks of trying. Obviously your blog echoes my sentiments.

  • 8 years ago

    @ Alex:
    Huzzah! I’m glad the site decided to cooperate for once. It’s annoying that it wouldn’t let you comment, yet the spambots didn’t seem to have any difficulties…

    Hopefully one day in the future you’ll be in Melbourne for whatever reason, and you’ll be able to come along.

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