Time and Travel

Time is measured differently on aeroplanes.  Instead of hours, minutes and seconds, time passes in movies and meal services and attempts to sleep.  When you’re back on the ground, one hour seems like plenty of time.  But when you’re hurtling through the sky in a tin can at over 900 kilometres an hour, one hour isn’t much.  They’re done with the dinner service.  You don’t have time to start another movie.  All you can really do is nap.
It took three flights to get to London.  Each one of them was delayed.  Little hiccups to keep me on my toes.  Three flights, four airports, six movies, a bout of sobbing (thanks Love, Simon), five album streams, seven meal services, three crying babies, one snoring passenger with a didgeridoo for a nasal cavity, and a whole heap of nap time.

I haven’t reached my destination yet.  Right now I’m on a train to Edinburgh.  It’s been a long, crazy journey so far – but I can’t think of a more suitable start to this adventure.


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