Thursday Two-Play: Butterfly Boucher & The White Stripes

Thursday Two-Play: Butterfly Boucher & The White Stripes

Butterfly Boucher – “The Weather”
I won’t let the weather steal all my thunder

When Missy Higgins announced her return to music at the end of last year, I couldn’t help but wonder why the name of her new producer, Butterfly Boucher sounded so familiar.  A quick search of my iTunes library resolved the query.  Butterfly is one of those Australians who has had more success overseas than in her home country.  Since moving to Nashville, she’s toured with the likes of The Barenaked Ladies and Sarah McLachlan, and even recorded a duet with David Bowie! But how did I know her?  Well, Miss Butterfly Boucher had a song on the soundtrack to what once was my favourite television show, Charmed.

This year, Butterfly has been touring Australia with Missy Higgins, and promoting her own new material.  “The Weather” is one of the tracks off her self-titled third album, which was released in April.

The White Stripes – “The Denial Twist”
If you think that a kiss is all in the lips, come on, you’ve got it all wrong man

Throughout high school, I was introduced to a lot of new music by my friend Robyn.  We used to chat on MSN most nights, trading mp3s and discussing the failed Australian crime drama White Collar Blue.  Robyn has impeccable taste, and is responsible for my love of songs like “Hey” by the Pixies, and Kate Bush’s epic “Wuthering Heights”.  One of the many musical treats that Robyn sent my way was this brilliant song by The White Stripes: “The Denial Twist”.  It became one of my favourite songs almost immediately.

Last night, I saw Jack White play at Festival Hall.  While it was great to witness the performance of such classic White Stripes hits as “My Doorbell” and “Hotel Yorba”, I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed that he didn’t play this one.

“The Denial Twist” has a pretty awesome video clip, too.  Directed by Michel Gondry, it’s all shot in a single long take, and features a guest appearance from Mr Conan O’Brien.


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