This Is My Jam: “I Don’t Want A Lover” by Texas

This Is My Jam: “I Don’t Want A Lover” by Texas

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I’ve spent most of the past week at the SPA Screen Forever conference, which has left me feeling both inspired and completely and utterly exhausted.  I’ve got pages full of notes, and am excited to begin implementing new ideas for all sorts of projects – but first I need to catch up on a lot of missed sleep.

During my near-non-existent downtime, I found myself watching music countdowns on Foxtel, and rediscovered the Scottish band Texas [who apparently released a new album earlier this year].  “I Don’t Want A Lover” was their debut single back in 1989, and it’s a song that pops into my head every now and then – but I’m not sure that I was ever fully aware of the artist until a couple of days ago.  I definitely had no idea that it was by the same band who were behind “Say What You Want”.  Just one of the many things that I have learnt over the past few days…


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