The Pros and Cons of a Gilmore Girls Revival.

The Pros and Cons of a Gilmore Girls Revival.

Image via Buzzfeed
Image via Buzzfeed


With the news that Netflix is in talks to revive Gilmore Girls (with Amy Sherman-Palladino at the helm!); I’ve decided to try and process this information Rory Gilmore-style – with a Pro/Con list.

With Amy Sherman-Palladino back in charge, we can pretend that the seventh season never happened.  It’ll be like Community‘s “gas leak year” all over again.

Paris Gellar.  No further explanation necessary.

Luke and Lorelai may finally get the happy ending that they deserve.  And that we’ve all been waiting so patiently for.

We’ll find out what happened to Kirk!  And Lane, Zack, Steve & Kwan, Miss Patty, Babette…

There’s gotta be a Hep Alien reunion.  Any excuse to get Sebastian Bach back on screen.

More pop culture references than you could poke a stick at!  (This could never be a bad thing).

The entire Gilmore Girls extended cast is full of treasures, who we don’t see enough of anymore.  In particular, I welcome any chance to watch Kelly Bishop do her thing.

With 4 episodes at 90 minutes each, it’ll be almost like getting 4 whole Gilmore Girls movies!

The Veronica Mars movie, while complete fan-service, was a faithful and worthy follow-up to the series – as were the novels.  Here’s hoping that Gilmore Girls can follow in VM‘s footsteps.

Netflix has a history of producing quality television series.  Why should this revival be any different?  Maybe they can bring back Bunheads next!

It might not happen.  I don’t want to get my hopes up until everything is 100% confirmed.

They could fuck it up.  Not all television revivals are as well-received as the Veronica Mars movie was (amongst fans, at least).  The fourth season of Arrested Development received mixed reviews.  The audience will be going into this with very high expectations, and may end up disappointed.

Changing the format of an established series doesn’t always work.  Typical Gilmore Girls plots are suited to 42 minute episodes.  Trying to fill 90 minutes could be a stretch.

No Edward Herrmann.  I’ll miss Richard Gilmore.  We all will.

We might have to see Christopher again.  Nobody wants that.

Does anybody really care what happened to Rory?  Seriously.  If we have to see one more Dean/Jess-style triangle, I’m going to stab a bitch.

Melissa McCarthy might not be involved.  She’s very busy these days, and was the only major cast member who missed the ATX Festival Gilmore Girls reunion panel.  Would Gilmore Girls really be the same without Sookie?

What are your thoughts? Are you happy and excited at the thought of a Gilmore Girls revival, or does the idea completely terrify you? Or maybe it’s a bit of both…
Once a consensus has been reached, we’ll get Kirk to make a t-shirt.


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