The Official Gavin & Stacey Tour

Dave’s Coaches: We will get you there… if we possibly can!

Have you ever been to Barry Island?  It’s a lovely place, as I discovered last month on the Official Gavin & Stacey Tour [yes, such a thing exists! Click here for details].

We were picked up from Barry Island Station [about 11km/30min by train from Cardiff] in Dave Coaches’ Coach – yes, the one used in the show – and taken around to various locations from throughout the series.

Places visited:

Dave & Nessa’s caravan
Located in a caravan park just outside of Barry, Dave’s motorhome was actually up for sale [which is possibly why it was included in the tour – trying to scope out Gavin & Stacey fans as potential buyers, perhaps?].  With two bedrooms and a bathroom, it’s a tiny little van.  With the size of it, I’m amazed at how effectively they were able to film in it for the show.

The local church – where there was that unfortunate sermon about sandwiches, where Gavin & Stacey got married, where Neil the baby was christened, and where Nessa and Dave almost tied the knot
As I was on the “Valentine’s Day” tour, it was a little awkward watching all the couples take photos in the exact spot where Nessa and Dave stood at their wedding.  But, the church is tiny and adorable, and I could just picture Nessa strolling down the aisle to Angry Anderson’s “Suddenly”, and Smithy bursting in the back doors at just the right moment…

Gwen & Stacey’s home
Owned by a lonely woman named Glenda [who will happily give a guided tour to any passers-by], the house used for Gwen’s home is located on a street with a beautiful view of the bay, which is why it was chosen for the series.  It’s a poky little place, currently decorated with photos of the cast and crew.  We weren’t able to visit Uncle Bryn’s house over the road, or Doris’ next door, but we could photograph them from the street anyway.

The Barry Island Seafront – including the arcade where Nessa works, and Marco’s Cafe
It was a lovely sunny day, and perfect for a visit to the beach [even though it was winter].  I’d love to go back there during the summertime.  As part of the tour, we were given the opportunity to take a photo with a cardboard cutout of Gavin & Stacey, and, if we made  a purchase, sit in Nessa’s chair at the amusement arcade.

We went past a few other places on the bus, including The Ship – the pub where Gavin had his “stag” with Bryn & Smithy [and Achmed], and the entire trip was accompanied by a soundtrack full of songs from the show, including Bryn & Nessa’s wonderful rendition of  “Barry Islands in the Stream”.  Overall it was a very pleasant few hours, and I’d highly recommend the tour to any Gavin & Stacey fan.



  • cathy
    9 years ago

    i have booked this trip for a couple of weeks time. now i have read this review i am even more excited. think will have a good laugh.

  • Rebecka T
    9 years ago

    Wow I never new there was a tour! I’m going to Wales next year I hope I can book this it looks great!

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