The End of a Speck-tacular Era

Alan Brough, Adam Hills & Myf Warhurst [source]

After seven years, ABC’s comedy music quiz, Spicks & Specks, will be coming to an end in November.  It’s a sad announcement, and I’m sure it would have been a difficult decision to make for all involved, but I think it was the right one.  Spicks & Specks has achieved so much, not only for Adam, Alan & Myf, but also for the myriad of talented comedians and musicians who’ve been brought into the spotlight by the show.  It made people watch the ABC – people who, prior to the discovery of Spicks & Specks, thought that the channel consisted only of Play School, the news, and boring period dramas that are only enjoyed by the elderly.  Before Good News Week came back on the air, Spicks & Specks was the only real television opportunity for up-and-coming comedians to showcase their skills.

The panel show is something that British television has down to a fine art, and Spicks & Specks is the only one that Australia has really been able to get right.  Still as funny as it was when it started back in 2005, you don’t need to be a music nerd to enjoy what is, essentially, a pop quiz.

However, while I could go on singing its praises, I understand and respect the decision to end Spicks & Specks now.  It’s an important thing to end a successful show while it’s still loved, and before people begin to get sick of it.  Besides, seven years is a long time to work on one program, particularly for such a talented team as the one behind Spicks & Specks, and I have absolute confidence that they’ll all continue on to even better projects.


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