The Avengers Actually Lives Up to the Hype


I really shouldn’t be so surprised that I enjoyed this film.
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I don’t really watch “big” films.  It’s not a conscious choice. Somehow, I’m just the kind of person who doesn’t see movies.  In fact, I didn’t even know The Avengers was a “thing” until a few weeks ago.  You might wonder how a person like me ends up studying screenwriting… but, in my defense, I’m studying to be a television writer.  I never claimed to know anything about film [that’s Glenn’s territory].  There are enough film buffs in the world, anyway.

Still, with everybody talking about it, I figured that I should probably make the effort to see The Avengers, despite not having seen [or, really knowing anything about] any of the previous Marvel films.  It’s important to maintain at least a shred of credibility amongst my classmates [the fact that up until a month ago I hadn’t seen the original Star Wars trilogy didn’t really help me there], and I wanted to be able to contribute something to the breaktime conversations about Thor and Iron Man and Loki and The Hulk and everyone else who made an appearance in this film.

I thought an 11:30am session on a Sunday morning would be fairly quiet.  It wasn’t.  There was assigned seating [which I’m not going to rant about here, but it is a pet hate of mine], and a whole lot of people with little-to-no knowledge of cinema etiquette.  But, despite the idiot across the aisle who kept playing with his water bottle, I quite enjoyed the film.

Written and directed by Joss Whedon [finally, a real mainstream success for him], The Avengers has just the right balance of humour and tension.  While I felt that a few of the fight sequences went on a little longer than necessary, they were very well executed, with amazing camerawork and highly effective special effects.  The story actually made sense, and in typical Joss Whedon style, he saw no problem in killing good characters for the sake of plot.

While I’m not going to say that The Avengers is the best film ever made, having seen it, I can now understand the hype surrounding its release.  This is a film that really does deserve the attention it’s getting, and if you haven’t seen it already, I recommend that you do so.  You might be surprised – I certainly was.

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