Ten Things.

Heading to my new home.

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So far in 2016, I have…

1. Moved to Launceston.

2. Slept on the floor of an empty house for a week.

3. Gorged on delicious locally-produced food and drink at two different Tasmanian food festivals.

4. Finally started playing Fallout 4.

5. Added too many books to my ‘to be read’ pile.  Up next: Our Magic Hour by Jennifer Down.

6. Stayed in a lovely hotel in Melbourne for White Night1.

7. Joined a new roller derby league.

8. Bought tickets to see Eagles of Death Metal in Melbourne on Good Friday.

9. Planted coriander and ghost chillis on my balcony.

10. Finally started writing again.

1Ovolo Laneways – where there is a lolly bar in the lobby, and the entire minibar is included in the cost of your room!

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