Falls Festival Photodump.

For those of you who may not realise [because you haven’t been reading this blog or following me on twitter], I spent the new year period working at the Falls Music &

Making a list and checking it twice.

Here’s a cheesy blog post opener… Christmas may be over, but I’m still busy making lists: packing lists.  Today I’m flying to Tassie, where I’ll be once again working at the wonderful Falls Music &

RIP Harvest

The entry to Harvest 2012. It’s a strange time for Australian music festivals.  On the one hand, they appear to be getting stronger;

Falls 2011/2012

Me and Glenn in our 2011/12 volunteer t-shirts. By the time this has been published, I will be somewhere between Hobart and Marion Bay, on my way to spend New Years at the Falls Music and Arts Festival [oh, how wonderful it is to be able to schedule blog posts].