2018 in Review

Some of the best things that I read, watched, listened to, or otherwise consumed in 2018.   TV: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Please don’t ask me why it took so long for me to watch this show, because I honestly don’t know. 

A question of “When?”

  When Anastasia Krupnik decides to become a journalist in Lois Lowry’s Anastasia Has the Answers, she starts every story with the questions “Who?”, “What?”, “When?”, “Where?”, and “Why?”.

Headlines – May 20th

“The Baby-Sitters Club changed my life,” says a 29 year-old man.  Yes, really. Want to be a rock critic? As William Miller did in Almost Famous, you should always look to Lester Bangs for guidance.

Headlines – 11th June

read about the things that happen throughout the world don’t be believe in everything you see or hear the neighbours talk day in day out about the goings on they tell us what they want –