Blog-dentity Crisis.

In which I ramble about blogging and the meaning of life. A photo posted by Britt Aylen (@snapoutofbritt) on Aug 23, 2015 at 12:20am PDT Alright, how’s it going, alright?

Britt Aylen dot com.

While I was at the laundromat on Friday, I took the opportunity to update my “professional” website at After buying the domain name a month or so ago, I hadn’t really put much effort into design or content, so as my towels were spinning round and round in the dryer, I quickly threw together a bunch of things in order to make it look just a little bit better than a half-empty landing page.

Britt in Boots on Pugly Pixel

Britt in Boots is mentioned in this month’s edition of ‘Launched’ over on Pugly Pixel.  Each month, Katrina links to a bunch of sites that have undergone a redesign, and I’m quite honoured to have made the list. 

A New Look Britt in Boots!

As promised, I performed a little bit of a makeover today.  Although the site is still hosted at, from this day forth it shall be known as Britt in Boots. 


Thanks to Annika for the best birthday card ever.  Why yes, that is me and Glenn being taken away by the Doctor!