7:35am Triple R’s Breakfasters provide the soundtrack for my morning routine, as per usual.  I’m in a hurry, so the radio is merely background noise as I run about the house getting ready.

Introducing: The 1700 Daily Producers

Artwork by Jack Crane, October 2010. L-R: Tegan Butler [Monday], me [Tuesday], Flavia Browne [Wednesday], Ellie Cameron-Krepp [Thursday], Glenn Patton [Friday] In preparation for their final episode of 1700, which aired yesterday, Jack and Cassie forgot to print out pictures of the producers for their 1700 family tree, hence this brilliant piece of art by the one and only Mr Crane himself. 

I can’t help it when my Tin Lids CD is gone

While doing a little bit of research for tomorrow night’s episode of 1700, where Jack & Cassie will be talking about the Barnes family, I came across this clip of Jimmy Barnes’ early 90s hit, “When Your Love is Gone”, featuring his kids [then known as the Tin Lids] on backing vocals.