TableTop Day – 5th April 2014


My original idea for TableTop Day was to have a massive game of Cards Against Humanity.  While I would have loved to spend the entire day playing all sorts of games with a large group of friends, MICF and other commitments meant that it wouldn’t really be possible.  Not to mention that quite a few of my friends aren’t really open to the idea of trying any “nerdy” new games.  This is because they are cooler than me.

I chose Cards Against Humanity because it’s accessible, and because I’m friends with a lot of writers who enjoy cracking jokes.  It was a guaranteed hit… except that unforseen circumstances prevailed, and my TableTop gathering ended up as a party of three.  While it is possible to play CAH with only three people, it’s not very good.  So in the end we played a game of Trivial Pursuit instead, which was fun.  Also, I won.


The moral of this story is that sometimes it’s okay when things don’t go to plan, because you may still win in the end.  Or something like that.

Still, next year I’ll probably try to do something that involves more [“nerdier”] games.  My cool friends can just get over it.


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