Spicks & Specks … now on iView!

I’m going to see Spandau Ballet this Wednesday, which is quite exciting. But, unfortuantely it means that I’m going to miss one of the few shows that I actually bother to sit down at the telly to watch… or does it? As announced on the ABC TV blog [here], from Wednesday, Spicks & Specks will be available to watch online.

I was under the impression that my third favourite music quiz show [sorry, but RocKwiz wins, and then there’s Never Mind the Buzzcocks] couldn’t be streamed online due to music licensing restrictions, just like Rage [which is how the ABC have the rights to all the clips/music they use in the first place], however they’ve obviously come to some form of agreement due to the popularity of the show.

Joining Adam, Myf & Alan this week, will be Kisschasy frontman Darren Cordeaux, soul singer Darlene Love, and comedians Reginald D Hunter and Steve Hughes.


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