Soundcheck with Stonefield – Saturday October 26th at The Corner Hotel

Soundcheck with Stonefield – Saturday October 26th at The Corner Hotel

IMG_1152 copyAmy, Hannah, me, & Sarah.  Holly was busy soundchecking.

The Findlay sisters are a ridiculously talented group of girls, and when I had the opportunity to meet them at the soundcheck for their show at the Corner Hotel on Saturday night, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of both amazement and inadequacy.  Every music fan secretly wishes that they could be a rock star, and the way I see it, Stonefield are living the dream.

Friendly and down-to-earth, Amy, Hannah, Sarah and Holly each introduced themselves to us with a handshake.  We spoke about their past gigs – I fondly remembered seeing them for the first time at Boogie in 2011, and playing a support slot for the Kaiser Chiefs later that year – and the annoying way that band t-shirts rarely fit true-to-size.  Hannah and I bonded over our mutual taste in leather jackets – apparently we both own the same one.

soundcheckSoundchecking sisters.

After signing a few t-shirts, Holly was the first on stage for soundcheck.  I tried not to stare as I watched in complete awe of her bass playing skills.  Hannah was up next, with her guitar, so Holly jumped behind the drum kit to give her a beat to play to.  Soon Sarah joined on keys, and then it was Amy’s turn to check her vocals.  Unlike the first couple of times I saw them, Stonefield now play with a touring drummer, so that Amy can focus on her singing.  She still sneaks back onto the kit for a couple of numbers, just to prove how effortlessly she can drum and sing at the same time.

After soundcheck, the girls came over to say goodbye – with their set not starting for another four hours, they had time to go home and have a nap.  Glenn and I headed out for a nice dinner, and returned just before eleven, in time for Stonefield’s headline slot.

Playing for just over an hour, Stonefield absolutely rocked the crowd – an assortment of older classic rock fans, and the odd young person.  For a band with a median age of under twenty, their fans are noticeably older; a symbol of their musical roots.  From opening track “Black Water Rising”, to closing number “Through the Clover”, the Findlay sisters had me captivated by their music to the point where I missed my train, which meant I was stuck at Flinders Street Station for half an hour, but it was absolutely worth it not to skip the encore.

1. Black Water Rising
2. Love You Deserve
3. C’mon
4. Over and Over
5. To Whom it May Concern
6. Move Out of My Shadow
7. To the Mountains
8. Diggin’ My Way Out
9. Put Your Curse on Me
10. Ruby Skies
11. Bad Reality
12. House of the Lonely
ENCORE: Through the Clover

Stonefield’s self-titled debut album was released earlier this month, and if you like girls who rock, I urge you to legally add it to your collection.

+ I must be getting old, but an 11pm-12:15am playing time seems a little late to me, particularly for a decent-sized national tour.  I would have expected the night to be over before midnight.
+ At one point I was stuck behind a couple of insanely disrespectful people in the crowd who not only insisted on maintaining a conversation in the middle of a gig, but were actually attempting to yell over the music in order to do so.  If you want to talk, stand at the back.  I’m here for the music, damn it.  Why aren’t you?


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