Shameless self-promotion: Finishing School’s 5th Birthday

Shameless self-promotion: Finishing School’s 5th Birthday


This is a thing that I will be a part of on Friday night.  Here is some information about it, copied and pasted from the Facebook event:

We’re FIVE!

Yep, Finishing School is Five years old!
We’re almost old enough to go to School! It’s crazy!

Every two weeks for Five years we’ve been hanging out in the beautiful Bella Union and banging out good times and great tunes for you to shake it to!

And this week we turn Five by getting as many of our DJs on-board as we can muster!

Dave Callan, Lawrence Leung, Neil Sinclair, Talia Cain, Michelle Lackenby, Wyatt Frederick Nixon-Lloyd, Caitlin Kavanagh, Damian Gibson, Britt Aylen, David Shaw, Dave Bushell, Chris Chinchilla, Matt Downing, Kieran O’Sullivan, Dan Hall and more!

They’re all gonna play their top Five floor-fillers! All ably supported by the ever-present Mr. McClelland and his fellow Finishing School founders, Ms. Leah Collins and Mr. Nick Caddaye!

It’s gonna be huge!

So, get on down this Friday night and experience the most fun you’ve had in the past Five years at Finishing School!

Doors: 9.30pm
Music: 10pm
Entry: $10

You should come along.  It will be good.  The end.


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