Sex, Drugs & King Khan

This evening I had the pleasure of taping an interview with the one and only King Khan for 1700. I was roped in at the last minute, so I didn’t get much of a chance to research, but fortunately I was already well aware of Khan and his antics.

I saw him perform with the Shrines at the Falls Festival over new years, and even though I’d already been introduced to his music, I’m not sure I was quite prepared for his stage show. If you’re not familiar with Khan’s work, take another look at the above picture. Tribal costumes, half-naked dancers, and some of the most graphic, sexually explicit lyrics I’ve ever heard [curious? Look up “Tastebuds”].

And that’s not to mention the fact that much of his work, including an amazing gospel collaboration with Black Lips, has been motivated by alcohol and/or drugs. And there’s also his stint in jail. Fascinating stuff, but not quite what I needed for my interview.

1700, you see, is a PG-rated program. We broadcast at 5pm weeknights – perfect for the after school audience. Not only that, but we’re also a SYN Media production. SYN is a youth organisation that often works with schools, and has volunteers as young as twelve. So, when it comes to interviewing musicians, sex, drugs and alcohol, no matter how rock & roll they may be, are out of the question.

With someone as, uh, colourful as King Khan, these limits can leave you a little restricted. If we couldn’t talk about his music, his live performance or his on and off-stage antics, then what were we left with?

Fortunately, Khan was willing to conform to the PG limitations of the interview, and tried his best to avoid any taboo subjects, aside from a brief monologue about how music journalism is no different to prostitution [which may have made me feel slightly concerned about my chosen profession].

The highlight of the interview would have to be a lengthy anecdote involving Lindsay Lohan and the Cannes Film Festival – but I’m not going to give any more away. You’ll have to tune in and see for yourselves!

Once again, I’m not sure when the interview will be on air, but meanwhile, Channel 31 is now broadcasting in digital! So, re-tune your set top box, and make sure you switch over to channel 44 [confusing isn’t it?] at 5pm weeknights.



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