Scribosphere Carnival #1 – Time Capsule

Scribosphere Carnival #1 – Time Capsule

I’ve not written too much about screenwriting on this blog in the past, but in an attempt to connect with other writers in the blogosphere, I’ve decided to participate in the Scribosphere Carnival. The basic gist of the thing is that there is a different topic each week, and we all write a post based on that topic.  Pretty simple stuff.

Leslie Knope with the Pawnee Time Capsule [a href="">source].
Leslie Knope with the Pawnee Time Capsule [source].
Topic #1 comes from Shawna at Shouting into the Wind, who’s also the genius behind this whole Scribosphere Carnival thing.  You can read her entry here.

TIME CAPSULE — This topic is actually a 3-parter. First, recount your journey in screenwriting up to this point in time.  Second, tell us where you are on your journey now.  Finally, for the really fun, creative part — blog as if it is one year from today.  What has the past year of your journey been like? What has changed? Be as realistic or not as you like — it’s your time capsule! One year from now, we will revisit our time capsules to see how we did with our predictions…

The first “screenwriting” I ever did wasn’t screenwriting at all.  It was fanfiction.  Charmed fanfiction, to be precise.  I wasn’t happy that my favourite character [Prue] had been killed off, so I decided to write an alternate fourth season in which she was still alive.  Unlike most fanfiction, however, I wrote my stories as episodes, complete with pre-titles sequences and ad breaks.

I think I’ve always wanted to be a screenwriter, but I never saw it as a viable career option until two years ago, when I discovered RMIT’s Advanced Diploma of Professional Screenwriting course.  I applied, and was accepted, and that pretty much brings you to where I am today.  I’ve had a couple of unpaid work placements on children’s shows, and I’ve worked on a season of RocKwiz, but I still don’t have any proper writing credits.  I’m due to graduate in a couple of months, and from then onwards I’ll be writing as many things as I possibly can, hoping that one or more of them either gets made, or convinces somebody to hire me.

As the script coordinator on a new Australian Children’s Television Foundation series, I’ve learned a lot about how writing for children’s television works.  I’ve been invited to write a couple of episodes for the new season of the show, and I’ve found an agent who’s interested in representing me as a writer.

The show I’m working on is a co-production with the BBC, and one of the British producers has another kids show currently in pre-production.  I’ve got a meeting coming up with them in a week or so, and if they like my story ideas, I might get to work with them in Cardiff, which would be pretty exciting.  And, there’s talk of meeting Steven Moffat!  I might get to fulfil my dream of writing a Doctor Who episode a little sooner than I thought…



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