Screenplay Update #4

You may have noticed that there was no screenplay update post on Friday.  That’s because I hadn’t done anything since Tuesday, and I was too ashamed to admit it.  On Saturday morning, I thought that I’d better own up and write about the things that I hadn’t done, but when I turned on my computer and read about the tragic events that had occurred in Newtown Connecticut, suddenly my lack of writing didn’t seem so important after all.  In fact, everything seemed insignificant in comparison to the horrible things that had happened on the other side of the world.  Tweets about crowded shopping centres, status updates complaining about bad traffic – everything I read came across as petty and unnecessary.  But, life goes on, and although this horrible tragedy may have changed my mind about blogging on Saturday, it certainly hasn’t stopped me from writing altogether.  So, while my heart goes out to all people affected by the shootings, I shall now resume your regularly scheduled programming.

tumblr_m82e5h35CX1rwo8x9o1_500This picture of Lynda Day may or may not be relevant.

Things have been moving a little slowly in the world of screenplay-writing [well, for me at least], but today I have upped my productivity levels and actually done something: I wrote out my film as a five page outline, following the structural guidelines that we were given in first semester.  While I’m proud of what I’ve achieved, this has led me to realise exactly how much more work needs to be done on this story before I can even think about writing it.  My protagonist needs more motivation, the stakes need to be higher, and I need an ending that doesn’t suck.

At this point, I’m aiming to begin writing the actual screenplay in the second week of January [when I get back from Hobart after the Falls Music and Arts Festival].  Before then, I need to fix the aforementioned plot issues, and then start breaking the story down into actual scenes.  There’s so much work for me to do on this, and I’ve hardly factored in the inconvenience of Christmas.  Any motivational tips or encouragement would be greatly appreciated at this point in time.


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