Screenplay Update #3: The Write-In

Screenplay Update #3: The Write-In

Rose feeds me well. Very well, in fact.

A couple of weeks ago, Rose came over and we spent hours eating really nice cheese and working on our screenplays.  In that one day, I made more progress than I’ve made in the time since.  So, tonight we got together again, this time at Rose’s place.  We ate delicious home-made chilli with cheese, sour cream and corn chips, and researched the film structure guidelines for romantic comedies.

Neither of us is actually writing a rom-com, but both of our films have certain rom-com tropes.  I can’t really share anything about Rose’s story, but mine has a little bit of boy-meets-girl action.  I still haven’t quite decided whether or not he gets her in the end, however.  After all, happy endings can be very predictable.  What I do know for sure about the film that I am writing is that it’s about friendship, and the importance of realising that you’re not alone in the world.  Maybe I should say that I’m writing a friend-com, rather than a rom-com.  Except that I would never say that because it sounds incredibly lame, and there are many films about friendship that use the same frameworks as romantic comedies – I Love You Man, for example.

Anyway, things are very much still in the planning stages.  But, I am now ready to write up my story as a three to five page outline, to see how well the whole thing flows.  I should probably start doing that now, in fact…


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