Saturday Night’s Alright for DJing*

Terminus Hotel, Abbotsford, Victoria.[Image © kevwhelan]

*lame pun alert.  I apologise.  Actually, no I don’t.

When I arrived at the Terminus Hotel on Saturday night, it was already going off.  People had clearly been drinking since before the Grand Final, and they were certainly in the mood to party.  I’m not quite sure why, but there was a group dressed in rather offensive “African tribal costumes” [blackface and all].  Many Cats supporters were proudly sporting football jumpers and scarves.

I turned up with a bag of CDs over my shoulder, as well as an extra 10 000 songs on my iPod.  I even brought some Lionel Richie, just to keep the punters happy.  Thankfully [for me], however, I didn’t have to stray far from my vast selection of 90s alternative rock.  Aside from the guy who requested some hip-hop [sorry, but I’m what Robbie Williams would call a “rock DJ”], most people who asked for things seemed to have a decent idea of the kind of music I was likely to play.

I did have one interesting request, however, quite early on in the evening [well, around 11pm or so].  It went a little something like this:

Me: *plays Florence + the Machine’s new song “Shake It Out”, as it’s only three songs into my set, and I can kind of get away with it*
Woman: Hi, do you have that Adele song, “You’ve Got the Love”?
Me: *doesn’t want to correct her, because apparently I can be quite a condescending music snob, and I want to be nice* Sure.  I’ll play it a in a bit.
[a while later]
Woman: Are you going to play my song now?
Me: I’ll play it next. *Plays Florence + the Machine – “You’ve Got the Love”*
[the song ends]
Woman: Thanks! Have you got anything by Florence’s Machine or whatever they’re called?
Me: Florence + the Machine? Yes, I do – but I’ve already played two of their songs tonight. I might play another one later…

I’ll be spinning some more tunes at the Termi next week [October 15th, to be specific], so come down and visit – particularly if you like 90s pop.  Emily has requested that I feature “Another Night” by Real McCoy at some point during my next set.


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