RIP Chrissy Amphlett


The above image has been the header on my LiveJournal since 2005, and I have been a fan of Chrissy Amphlett since long before that.  I grew up listening to the Divinyls, and Chrissy Amphlett is one of the first women in rock that I truly admired.  I remember reading her autobiography, Pleasure and Pain, and wanting to run away to join a rock band.  Chrissy and I had things in common, I thought.  They were superficial things, sure, but I felt like the bond was there.  A few years later I saw the reformed Divinyls play at Homebake, and it will always be one of my favourite live music memories.

It’s absolutely heartbreaking that at the age of 53, today Chrissy Amphlett lost her battle with MS and breast cancer.

I honestly don’t know what to write, and I’m sure other people will be able to express their sadness at the loss of Chrissy far more eloquently than I.  She was an inspiration to so many women and musicians and all sorts of people.

Goodbye, Chrissy.  You’ll be missed.

Edited to add:  Here is one of those better articles.  Noni from Cheaper Than Rubies really captures the legacy that Chrissy has left behind.


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