REVIEW: Lawrence Leung’s Part-Time Detective Agency

REVIEW: Lawrence Leung’s Part-Time Detective Agency

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I’ve been so distracted with festivals and the inability to write anything that doesn’t make me want to scream things like, “Who wrote this, and why doesn’t it sound good or like I wrote it?!” and having Sarah here to visit… that the Melbourne International Comedy Festival started a week ago, and until tonight, I had not yet seen a show.  Obviously, that was a problem that needed to be immediately remedied, so I decided to take [MICF first-timer and Sherlock enthusiast] Sarah to see Lawrence Leung’s show, Part-Time Detective Agency.

Upstairs at the Swiss Club [on Flinders Ln, near Exhibition St], Lawrence invites his audience to join his detective agency.  With a slideshow, some non-humiliating audience participation, and a big who-done-it mystery for everyone to solve, it’s quite hard to describe this show without giving anything away.

Part-Time Detective Agency is a stand-up comedy show for all amateur sleuths and fans of procedural crime dramas.  While Lawrence impresses the audience with his Sherlock Holmes-inspired skills of deduction, that doesn’t mean that he skimps on the jokes.  The show is hilarious, and had me laughing to myself all the way to the bus stop.

If you’re looking for a show to see, Lawrence never fails to impress.  I highly recommend that you head on down to the Swiss Club and join his Part-Time Detective Agency.  It’s an hour-long lesson in amateur mystery solving, and you might just learn something.


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