Record Store Day 2013 // “Because the Night”

Record Store Day 2013 // “Because the Night”

Today is Record Store Day.  What does that mean?  Well, it’s a day where musicians and music lovers alike come out in support of their local record stores.  After all of the changes that the music industry has faced over the past twenty or so years, brick and mortar record stores have been slowly disappearing.  If, like me, you’re saddened by such things, then today is the day to head on down to Polyester or Basement Discs, or whatever your local or favourite store may be, and buy one of the special singles that have been released for this very cause.

One such song is Garbage and Screaming Females’ cover of Patti Smith’s “Because the Night”.  A fairly faithful rendition, this version makes excellent use of both female vocalists’ powerful voices, and has a rocking instrumental breakdown at the end.  “Because the Night” was already a brilliant song, and adding Shirley Manson [and others] to the mix just makes it better.  And maybe I’m a little biased in saying all this [due to my belief that Garbage are the greatest band of all time, and all], but if you don’t believe me then you should take a listen for yourself.

There’s a bunch of stuff happening for Record Store Day – and for a breakdown of all such events, as well as listings of which special releases the stores will be stocking, you should visit the official Record Store Day Australia Facebook page.  Or, if you’re not from the land down under, use Google to research the goings on in your own country.

PS.  Today is also my mother’s birthday.  Happy birthday Mum!


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