Perceived Hazards

The obligatory “before” shot.  Please ignore my sick-looking face – I’ve been fighting off a bit of a cold this past week.  Typically, on Friday morning my hair decided that it actually wanted to look almost nice for once, but hidden amongst those curls were more split ends than you could possibly imagine.

There’s something really quite ominous about getting a haircut. There are so many things that could possibly go wrong: they might cut it too short, it might look completely awful, I might not be able to style it properly when I get home. it’s for this reason that I’ve pretty much rocked the same look for the past I-don’t-know-how-many-years: I let my hair grow for as long as I can, and then get it chopped off to shoulder-length and start all over again. The fringe gets trimmed slightly more often, but that is a traumatic event in itself – a couple of years ago I had a rather unfortunate experience where it ended up looking like Liz Lemon’s awful Dealbreakers haircut.

One bad fringe chop, and my hair actually looked worse than this [Image from].

My hair had been looking pretty gross lately. Before Friday, my last real haircut was in June of last year, and the ends were looking incredibly dead.  The colour had faded down to a weird streaky orange, and the regrowth was looking pretty dodgy.  So, I decided it was time to once more pay somebody a bunch of money to [hopefully] fix it.  But, instead of following my usual pattern, and getting the same haircut that I always did, I decided to go for something a little different.

Unfortunately, my face and cameras don’t seem to get along, so I couldn’t get a perfect shot of my new “do”, but here’s the best I could do for you:

Attempt #2756 at post-haircut photos, taken tonight [Sunday] after getting home from Late Night Letters & Numbers.  This is before I washed it, so it still has that just-been-to-the-hairdresser shine [and flatness].

Honestly, I’m not quite sold on it yet.  I love the colour [it’s not anywhere near as pink as it looks in the above pictures – that’s artificial lighting/Photo Booth for you], but the cut seems a little too styled.  And flat.  Hairdressers always seem to flatten my hair.  Hopefully it’ll grow on me*.

*See what I did there?  Hurrah for lame puns!

In other news, chopping off my precious locks wasn’t the only potentially life-changing thing that I did on Friday.  I also sat – and passed – my hazard perception test.  It was quite a bit more difficult than I was anticipating; I had difficulty working out when to click to slow down, as it’s something that I usually do instinctively.  It’s odd that you need to do a test that is designed for car drivers in order to obtain a motorcycle licence, as they are both completely different on-road experiences – but all that matters is that I passed, which means that I am eligible to take my driving test next week.  Huzzah.


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