Headlines – April 23rd

A greatest hits compilation of the past week, in link form: The Evolution of Big-Name Logos at inspiredology An interesting look at how the logos for well known brands, such as Nike &

More than just kilts and bagpipes…

The Fratellis are done and dusted, according to NME.com.  This saddens me a little, but, you know, these things happen.  I was an avid Fratellis fan, but they peaked with their first album, and after the youthful energetic brilliance of Costello Music, their sophomore effort, Here We Stand was something of a disappointment. 

LIVE REVIEW: Stereophonics – 15th April, Palace Theatre

There aren’t too many of the original Britpop bands still floating around, but Welsh rockers Stereophonics are still going strong.  Selling out the Palace, last Thursday they played to a crowd who appeared to be about 3/4 British [English/Welsh/Scottish] and maybe 1/4 Australian, judging by the roar  following charismatic [and tiny] singer Kelly Jones’