NEXT WEEK: Do You Know What I Mean? – Noughties Trivia Special! *PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE OF DATE*

NEXT WEEK: Do You Know What I Mean? – Noughties Trivia Special! *PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE OF DATE*

It is with great delight that I may inform you that our much anticipated Do You Know What I Mean? Noughties Trivia Special has been brought forward to Monday 10th September – and yes, that’s next week!  “But why?”, I hear you ask – well, quite simply, The Curtin have decided to take the day off on Monday 17th.  The pub will be closed, so unfortunately there won’t be any trivia that week, but don’t worry – we’ll be right back to it the Monday after.


What exactly does Noughties Trivia entail?
Well, it’ll be much like our regular pop culture trivia – with rounds on film, television and music – but all of the questions will be about things that happened between 2000 and 2009.

I can’t come next week [because I have to wash my hair/watch some paint dry/see a man about a dog/etc.].  Can’t you hold the special on the 21st instead?
We’ve already printed new posters, so it’s too late to move it again, unfortunately.  However, we will be having regular old trivia on the 21st.  It’s just as fun, but less era-specific.  You should come along anyway.

Will there be prizes?
Of course there will!  Generally at specials we award a prize for best team name [and occasionally costume], as well as our usual bonus round jugs of beer, and prizes for first and second place [and sometimes third, depending on the number of teams].  There are plenty of chances to win stuff, even if you’re not the best at actually answering the questions.

Does it cost anything to play?
Not at all.  Do You Know What I Mean? Pop Culture Trivia is always 100% free.  Unless you want to drink, that is.  You do need to pay for the drinks.  But trivia costs nothing.

Ooh, I’m excited!  Is there a facebook event so that I can RSVP and invite all of my friends?
There sure is.  You can find it right here.  Feel free to invite everyone you know.

Did anyone actually ask you these questions, or did you make them up so that you’d have a different way of peddling the same information that you give out every time that you write about trivia?
I’ll let you decide on that one.



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