NEW: Kate Nash – “Under-Estimate the Girl”

NEW: Kate Nash – “Under-Estimate the Girl”

Kate Nash – “Under-Estimate the Girl”

I think I under-estimated Kate Nash.  [Yeah, so maybe that’s a cliched way to begin a post about a song called “Under-Estimate the Girl”, but it’s true!].  After her twee/indie beginnings with Made of Bricks, I just couldn’t get behind the supposed riot grrrl influences in her second album.  My Best Friend is You wasn’t bad; it just wasn’t what I’d expected from Kate, and I didn’t quite get it.  [The album has since grown on me, but it’s still a little hit-and-miss].

This song, however, I can understand.  “Under-Estimate the Girl” is Kate Nash proving that she does indeed know what she’s doing.  Playing in an all-female band, Kate’s riot grrrl influences are quite obvious now – and they’re really working for her.  The song has a real early nineties DIY aesthetic, from the raw sounds – reminiscent of early Hole – to its release; the song was written and recorded in under 24 hours, and the clip premiered last night on a fan-run tumblr page: Kate Nash, Obviously [I bet the girl who runs it is feeling pretty ecstatic right now].

“Under-Estimate the Girl” is available as a free download from Kate’s SoundCloud page.


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