My Votes for the Triple J Hottest 100

Hottest 100 Votes

Holy crap, I had some trouble voting this year.  I haven’t listened to triple j in quite some time now, and as a result, hardly any of the songs that I’ve loved this year were even on the list!  There was no fun., no Neon Trees, no Taylor Swift [okay, so I wasn’t expecting to see her name there], but most astonishingly: no Garbage.  This is a band that triple j supported from the very beginning – “Vow” made it to #15 in the Hottest 100 of 1995, and “When I Grow Up” was #12 in 1999.  More recently, “Why Do You Love Me” didn’t do quite so well, but still snuck into the countdown in 2005 [and we all know after the “Cornerstone” debacle that Hottest 100 positions mean absolutely nothing these days anyway].  But, apparently this year Garbage weren’t even given a chance.

According to jplay, “Blood For Poppies” was played exactly once.  In March.  And that’s it.  While I’ll admit that it wasn’t the strongest lead single, triple j have never shied away from playing album tracks, so that’s really no excuse.  “Automatic Systematic Habit”, “Control” and “Battle In Me” are all great tracks, and could easily have done well – if only they were given a chance.

This is just proof that triple j are the worst kind of music snobs.  Okay, I get it: you like their old stuff better than their new stuff.  And now I can say, that at the ripe old age of 23, I think I’m getting too old for this youth station’s bullshit.  Expect more of a rant once the Hottest 100 has been counted down on Australia Day.

On to the votes!  In no particular order…

Arctic Monkeys – “R U Mine?”
Is it just me, or was there a severe lack of rock music on the Hottest 100 longlist?  “R U Mine?” is a proper rock song, with an excellent video clip.  And Alex Turner’s haircut has finally grown on me. [image]

Kaiser Chiefs – “Listen To Your Head”
This isn’t the best Kaiser Chiefs song around, but now that Nick has left the band, I fear that it’s their last chance to get into the Hottest 100 ever again.  Also, I owe them votes because they always put on a great gig, and the last two times I’ve seen them live, Ricky has given me his drumstick [not a euphemism]. [image]

The Bamboos [feat. Tim Rogers] – “I Got Burned”
This song doesn’t feel like it’s from our time, yet Tim Rogers’ vocals are unmistakenly him. “I Got Burned” really gets stuck in your head. Also, it’s one of the few songs on here that got quite a bit of commercial airplay, and judging by its popularity, I think it’s one of the few votes of mine that will actually mean something. [image]

Ladyhawke – “Blue Eyes”
I heard “Blue Eyes” for the first time when I saw Ladyhawke’s Splendour sideshow at Billboard, and I instantly knew that it was going to be one of my favourite tracks of 2012. Since then, I’ve had the whole of Anxiety on repeat. When voting, I was really tossing up between this and “Girl Like Me” [because I try to only vote for one track per artist], and I chose “Blue Eyes” because of that initial feeling I got when I heard it. Also, because na-na choruses are the best, and it was a single and is therefore more likely to do well. [image]

Ben Folds Five – “Draw A Crowd”
Excuse me, Mr Folds and co., but why have you not made a video clip for this song? You’ve ruined my beautiful system. Anyway, Ben Folds Five played at Harvest [you may notice a pattern here of me voting for people that I have seen play in the past 12 months – this is not the case for all of the songs that I have chosen, but it is a common factor of most], and they were awesome. The end. [image]

Stonefield – “Bad Reality”
Stonefield may be, essentially, a group of young girls, but they rock just as hard as – if not harder than – every single other act on this list. “Bad Reality” is 70s rock, and Stonefield are one of the best local acts going around at the moment. If you get the opportunity to see them, I urge you to do so. [image]

Blur – “Under the Westway”
Blur are back again. And no, I haven’t seen them live. But I would, in a heartbeat – if only they’d bloody well come back to Australia. Please. Damon, I know that you’re not reading this, but if you could please bring Blur to Melbourne for me, I would be ever so grateful. Thank-you and goodbye. [image]

Garbage – “Blood for Poppies”
As a rule, I only like to write in one song for the Hottest 100, because I know that written-in votes generally mean nothing. Although this isn’t my favourite song off Not Your Kind of People, it was the only one that had a chance of making the list – but considering the fact that it was only ever played once, I know that even making the countdown is highly unlikely. Thanks, triple j, for completely overlooking my most anticipated and loved album of 2012. And you wonder why I’ve been listening to Triple M again… [image]

Father John Misty – “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings”
Okay, I’ll admit that a lot of my love for this song comes from Aubrey Plaza’s brilliantly haunting performance in the video clip. But the music is good too. [image]

The Beards – “Got Me A Beard”
I feel like this was a bit of a cheat vote. The song made my shortlist because I love The Beards. Then, when I was whittling down to the final ten, I had about five songs that I liked but didn’t love, and I couldn’t really choose between them. So, I threw this in instead. It works. [image]

And that’s it. Who did you vote for?


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