#MusicDiary2012 – Day Two

DAY TWO: Tuesday 8th May

Since the purchase of my Vespa in August of last year, I haven’t been taking public transport as much as I used to.  While this means that my travel times to and from uni are generally much shorter than they used to be, it also means I’ve cut down on some of my prime music listening time.  Yesterday [Tuesday], for example, I rode in to the city, had classes for eight hours straight, and then rode home.  I didn’t listen to music during any of that time.

When I got home, I did some writing/homework in silence, before rewarding myself with a first listen of Garbage‘s new album, Not Your Kind of People [currently streaming on NME.com].  Then, because I start my new job today [Wednesday], and I’ve not been sleeping too well recently, I figured I should probably have an early night.  A fairly dismal effort, I know, but sometimes these things can’t be helped.


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