Kaiser Chiefs – Palace Theatre, April 2009

My sister is listening to “Criminal” by Britney Spears very loudly.  I head downstairs to escape.  Mum is listening to Triple R, as usual.  I don’t note down what songs are played [nothing sounds familiar], but make myself a reminder to check the playlist on the website.  It hasn’t been updated yet.

Still struggling with this Global Screen Cultures essay, I decide to walk to the local library [via McDonald’s] to remove myself from distractions.  I put my iPod on shuffle for the journey:
John Mayer – “Something’s Missing”
Ned Collette – “Sell Your Life”
Biffy Clyro – “Christopher’s River”
Veronica Falls – “Stephen”
Black Kids – “I’ve Underestimated My Charms (Again)”
Little Red – “Misty, I”
The Pigeon Detectives – “Love You For a Day (Hate You For a Week)”
Kinito – “10 Ans Déjà”
Sarah Blasko – “Don’t U Eva”
The Dead Weather – “Blue Blood Blues”

I try to choose some background music on my iPod.  I think some classical piano might do the trick, but Schumann’s “Tramerei Dreaming” proves too distracting.  I end up playing Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs.  When the album ends, I decide I’ve had enough essay writing and walk home.  I go back to shuffle, and listen to “Comeback (Light Therapy)” by Josh Rouse, and “Good Days and Bad Days” by Kaiser Chiefs along the way.

One of my goals for the week is to finish unpacking my bedroom.  We moved into this house in January last year, and I still have several boxes sitting around.  One acts as a bedside table, others are stacked at the end of my bed.  My bookshelves are stacked at random, and my stereo is sitting in the garage because I’ve got nowhere to put it.  Motivated by this imaginary deadline, I plu my speakers into my iPod and play the Kaiser Chiefs’ second album, Yours Truly Angry Mob.  The up-tempo music is fun to sing along to, as I start to sort things.  I’m organising my magazines when the album ends, and my next choice is Marina & the Diamonds’ The Family Jewels – an excellent sountrack for putting your issues of NME in chronological order.

After dinner I spend a couple more hours on operation room tidy, listening to The Pigeon Detectives’ This Is An Emergency, and then The Cribs’ The New Fellas.  I still haven’t finished when the Jarman brothers stop playing, but I give up for the night and decide to watch a DVD before going to bed.


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