Playing piano at a flea market in Brussels, January 2011

This was quite an abnormal Friday in terms of my music consumption, and I’m quite shocked by how little I actually listened to throughout the day.  This project has certainly made me conscious of how and when I listen to music, and I think I’ll be making some resolutions and promises to improve my behaviour when this is all over at the end of the week.

I turn off the radio as soon as I get downstairs because I don’t like the sound of the song they’re playing.  I then spend the morning catching up on uni work [and procrastinating to the best of my ability] with a DVD on in the background.

Mum calls to remind me to buy party decorations, so I walk to the shops.  I pick and choose songs on my iPod along the way:
Stereophonics – “My Own Worst Enemy”
Stereophonics – “Nothing Compares 2 U”
You Am I – “Purple Sneakers”
You Am I – “How Much is Enough?”
You Am I – “Damage”
The View – “Glass Smash”
The View – “One Off Pretender”

My father is down from Sydney, and as my birthday is approaching, he takes Glenn and I out for dinner.  We go to The Waiting Room at Crown, and the music they play is pleasant on the ears, and suited to such a swanky/upmarket establishment.  I’m too busy eating and enjoying delicious cocktails to take note of what I’m listening to, but I think one of the tracks is by Adele.

Every second Friday, I attend my favourite club night.  It’s called Finishing School, and takes place every fortnight at Trades Hall.  Sometimes I even have the honour of DJing there.  This week, although it’s a Finishing School week, I’ve decided not to attend.  Thanks to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, things won’t be kicking off until after eleven [unlike the usual starting time of 10pm], and the crowd will be mainly ComFest people [most of whom are lovely, but there is always the occasional obnoxious twat who ruins it for everyone].  Instead, Glenn and I meet a couple of friends at the John Curtin Hotel for drinks.  There’s a DJ, but again, I’m not paying attention to the music.  I do notice, however, that one of the tracks he plays has the same bassline as Madison Avenue’s “Don’t Call Me Baby”.  I’m not the only one who hears this, and it sparks a short discussion.  After a little bit of research, the track may or may not have been “Ain’t Not Stoppin’ Us Now” by McFadden & Whitehead.


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