Monday Mixtape #8 – I don’t want to dance with you

Monday Mixtape #8 – I don’t want to dance with you

The mixtape this week doesn’t really have a theme; it’s just a collection of [relatively] recent songs that I’ve been really enjoying lately. If you’re not too up-to-date with all things musical at the moment, I recommend you check out the following tunes:

01. “Rich Kids” – Washington
Rich Kids EP
I can’t wait for Washington to finally release an album – her EPs are excellent. And the clip for this track is adorable.

02. “O.N.E.” – Yeasayer
Odd Blood, mp3
This song is everywhere at the moment! Fortunately, it’s not one of those songs that you get sick of easily.

03. “Radar Detector” – Darwin Deez
Darwin Deez, mp3
It is impossible to get this song out of your head. And Darwin Deez is pretty weird. Have you seen the video clip?  Also, Phill Jupitus requested the chords for this song on twitter.

04. “Drunk Girls” – LCD Soundsystem
This is Happening, mp3

05. “Birthday Boy” – Drive By Truckers
The Big To Do, mp3
The vocals on this track remind me of The Hold Steady, but the rest of the album is nothing like it [the majority of songs are sung by someone else].

06. “Fool’s Day” – Blur
Available as a free download from their website, after all physical copies [released for Record Store Day] sold out. Rumour has it Blur are returning with an album, and if this song is anything to go by, it’s going to be pretty damn awesome.

06. “Dance the Way I Feel” – Ou Est le Swimming Pool
Complete with faux-French band name [they’re from London], this is a fun little piece. Good for dancing, as the title may suggest.

07. “10:10” – The Beautiful Girls
Spooks, mp3
A slightly reggae-inspired release from this Sydney-based group. These guys were on 1700 the other week. You should check it out on the C31 website.

08. “Disconnect” – Calling All Cars
Hold, Hold, Fire
They may sound the same as every other Aussie band going around at the moment [let’s face it, it’s true], but that doesn’t stop them from being a great group of guys, and it doesn’t mean that their music isn’t worth checking out. They absolutely rocked 1700’s Live at the Lawn broadcast earlier this year.

09. “Emily’s Heart” – Jamie T
Kings and Queens, mp3
I’m collecting songs about girls called Emily for a project of sorts. If you have any suggestions, leave me a comment.

10. “Waiting for You” – Basement Birds
I think Kav Temperley is a bit of a twat, but I do quite like Bob Evans/Kevin Mitchell and Josh Pyke, and this “supergroup” sound pretty good. Look up their cover of The Presets’ “My People” from Triple J’s Like a Version.


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