Monday Mixtape #4 – Songs I discovered on Veronica Mars

Monday Mixtape #4 – Songs I discovered on Veronica Mars

After pondering how people discover new music, and then seeing the wonderful Spoon last week, I started thinking about my favourite young detective, Veronica Mars, and all the music I was exposed to during that show. At the time, I was still a Triple M listener [I really don’t want to talk about it], and wasn’t discovering much new music, but through Veronica Mars, I found a few songs and artists that I wouldn’t have otherwise encountered.

01. “Weak Become Heroes” – The Streets
[Original Pirate Material, 2002]
Episode 1×01: Pilot

Before Veronica Mars, all I knew from Mike Skinner was “Fit But You Know It”, which is a good song, but a bit of a novelty. “Weak Become Heroes” showcases his production talents, and invited me to take him a little more seriously as a musician.

02. “Such Great Heights” – The Postal Service
[Give Up, 2003]
Episode 1×05: You Think You Know Somebody

03. “Ventura Highway” – America
[Homecoming, 1973]
Episode 1×06: Return of the Kane

The Veronica Mars soundtrack wasn’t comprised entirely from current music; occasionally, to fit a scene or character, they would throw in a gem such as this one. Whenever I hear this song, though, I think of the scene that it accompanied – Aaron Echolls beating his son. Not a nice thought.

04. “Have a Nice Day” – Stereophonics
[Just Enough Education to Perform, 2001]
Episode 1×09: Drinking the Kool-Aid

Stereophonics never received much airplay or exposure over here [besides “Dakota”], so it was a pleasant surprise to discover a different track from these Welsh boys on the soundtrack to an American television series.

05. “Slow Hands” – Interpol
[Antics, 2004]
Episode 1×10: An Echolls Family Christmas

06. “Finding Out True Love Is Blind” – Louis XIV
[The Best Little Secrets Are Kept, 2005]
Episode 1×20: M.A.D.

07. “Bad Boyfriend” – Garbage
[Bleed Like Me, 2005]
Episode 1×22: Leave it to Beaver

Okay, this one’s a bit of a lie – I’ve always been a massive Garbage fan, but it was quite exciting to hear them in this episode, particularly in such an important scene. And this track was a highlight from their Bleed Like Me album.

08. “I Turn My Camera On” – Spoon
[Gimme Fiction, 2005]
Episode 2×03: Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang

The first Spoon song I ever heard.

09. “I Summon You” – Spoon
[Gimme Fiction, 2005]
Episode 2×12: Rashard and Wallace Go To White Castle

The second Spoon song I ever heard [and my favourite].

10. “I Know I Know I Know” – Tegan and Sara
[So Jealous, 2004]
Episode 2×16: The Rapes of Graff

Still my favourite Tegan and Sara song, and the first one I ever heard.

11. “I Hear The Bells” – Mike Doughty
[Haughty Melodic, 2005]
Episode 2×20: Look Who’s Stalking

Every time I saw that scene [Veronica Mars fans will know the one that I’m referring to], I’d get this song stuck in my head. When I look back through my old notebooks, every now and then I’d written out some of the lyrics to this song, accompanied by question marks, because I could never find out what it was. When I finally did find it, I was so glad that I did, because it’s an excellent track.


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