MIFF 2013 Part Two: The East

WFTCRMImageFetch.aspxMonday 29th July

The East
I read somewhere that Brit Marling started screenwriting because she was sick of being typecast as a pretty blonde girl.  She wanted there to be more variety in the roles available to young female actresses, so she decided to write them.  After seeing Sound of My Voice at MIFF last year, I was pretty keen to see what she’d come up with this time around.  Without spoiling too much, The East is about a woman [Marling] going undercover as a hippie anarchist.  It’s quite good.
As a rule, I’m generally not terribly fond of famous people who share variations on my name [see: Spears], but Brit Marling has once again proven that she can write a compelling story that’s more than just a vehicle for her own acting career.  Proof that she’s got some sort of talent can be seen in the cast that she has managed to assemble [with writing partner/director, Zal Batmanglij], boasting such names as Ellen Page, Alexander Skarsgard and Patricia Clarkson.  If we’re lucky, The East might get a limited release at The Nova or some other independent cinema, but just in case that doesn’t happen, your best bet is to see the next MIFF screening on Sunday 11th August at 7pm.

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