MIFF 2013 Part One: La Maison de la Radio + The Stone Roses: Made of Stone + MIFF Lounge / Stone Roses After Party

MIFF 2013 Part One: La Maison de la Radio + The Stone Roses: Made of Stone + MIFF Lounge / Stone Roses After Party


Saturday 27th July

La Maison de la Radio
This charming documentary takes a look at a day in the life of Radio France, the government broadcasting body comprising of numerous stations including France Culture, France Inter, and others.  What the film lacks in narrative, it makes up for in comedic moments, with quirky snapshots into the lives of all the different people that make radio happen – from the jaded news producer with a slightly off sense of humour, to the guy who reports the Tour de France from the back of a motorcycle.

The Stone Roses: Made of Stone
Note: SPOILERS.  Although this is a documentary, so whatever.

Shane Meadows loves The Stone Roses so much that when Remi walked out of their Amsterdam show last year, despite being in the middle of filming, Shane decided to take a step back and not cause any more tension by continuing to follow them around Europe.  A filmmaker with less attachment may have chosen to keep going, despite the risk of pushing the band further apart.  But Shane cares.  Towards the beginning of Made of Stone, he expresses his excitement at getting to work with his favourite band of all time.  This is a film that respects its subject, and approaches it with the intimacy of a fan, while still presenting a relatively objective viewpoint.  Shane Meadows doesn’t try to dress it up and make it look like The Stone Roses are perfect; he exposes their flaws, but through this film he’s also able to show exactly what it is that he sees in this band, and why he loves them so.

The MIFF Lounge
Glenn and I had some time to kill between films yesterday [he saw This is War and Stoker, both of which were on at the same times as my two films of the day], so we decided to grab some food in the MIFF Lounge, which is located in the beautiful Forum Theatre.  With hot dogs and burgers from Huxtable, and soups and other nice snacky things [and cheese!] from Mister Close, there are plenty of foods and things to choose from – and at fairly reasonable prices, too.  The only real criticism I have is that the drink selection leaves a lot to be desired.  The Belgian apple cider tastes cheap, and $4 for a tiny plastic cup of lemonade is a rip-off.
After our second films, we headed back to the Lounge for the Stone Roses After Party, DJed by the one and only Mr Andrew McClelland.  Obviously, the music was excellent – a wonderful mix of Britpop classics, with a decent portion of Stone Roses tracks.  While busy, the place didn’t seem terribly crowded, which meant that there was actual room to move on the dance floor.  It was so great that we ended up dancing pretty much non-stop until the place closed at 2am.  Good times!
There’s plenty of stuff happening at the MIFF Lounge throughout the festival – you can see the schedule here.  I definitely recommend checking it out.


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