MIFF 2012 Part Two: Sightseers

MIFF 2012 Part Two: Sightseers

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It’s impossible to write about this film without giving away certain aspects of the plot.  If you do plan on seeing this film at MIFF [the next session is on Wednesday at 9pm], then I urge you to stop reading now.


Friday 10th August, 9:00pm

When I read the synopsis for this film, I had no idea quite how “bloody” this “dark comedy” was going to be.  The film was a last minute choice – I had one night slot left on my eMini Pass, and both sessions of The Imposter were sold out – and I really did not know what was coming.  Written by and starring Alice Lowe and Steve Oram, Sightseers follows a rather odd thirty-something couple on their caravan holiday, visiting such wonderful places as the Crich Tramway Museum and the Keswick Pencil Museum [both real places that I would like to visit].  There are also some murders, with the kind of graphic imagery that could haunt you for days.  But it’s okay, because the film is a comedy.  Directed by Ben Wheatley, Sightseers screened at Cannes earlier this year [under the name ‘Touristes‘].  The film is as funny as it is weird.  In one scene you see a dog impaled on a knitting needle.  In another, a knitted bra and crotchless knickers.  It’s certainly not the kind of film that would appeal to all, but I rather enjoyed it.


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