MIFF 2012 Part Eight: Wild Bill

[Image via Screen Rush]

Wild Bill
Thursday 16th August, 6:30pm

Co-written and directed by British actor Dexter Fletcher, Wild Bill may seem like just another film about an ex-con trying to get straight, but at its heart, it’s really a film about family – about a father trying to reconnect with the sons he left behind when he went to prison. Funny and endearing, the film is well-written and brilliantly cast. Charlie Creed-Miles is great as the eponymous protagonist, but the real surprise is Liz White’s turn as Roxy the call girl. Although I will always remember her as Life on Mars‘ Annie, she was almost unrecognisable [if it weren’t for that strong Mancunian accent].

Set last year, during the lead-up to the recent Olympic games, Wild Bill has Polish builders constructing velodromes, child drug mules, and, of course, a saloon showdown. A pleasant surprise from a first time director [and, let’s be honest – I only saw this film because of the Press Gang connection], Wild Bill is a well-balanced mix of comedy and drama, and I would certainly recommend it to all1.

1And especially fans of Iwan Rheon, because they will find the film exceptionally hilarious. Trust me.


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