MICF 2014: Flyer5 #2, and another show that you should see.

There are only two more nights for you to see shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and I’d like to share what is probably going to be my last recommendation [skipping the whole “If you like…” motif, because everybody is sick of it – or at least, I am].

255_cropped_730x4122.1385336825Tegan Higginbotham somehow makes jokes about sport that are completely accessible to non-sport-liking people.  That is quite a skill.  [link]

FLYER5 #2. 
Most years at MICF, I find myself inundated with flyers thrust upon me by enthusiastic comedians.  This year, however, with my Golden Ticket keeping me away from the Town Hall, I managed to get through most of the festival with only one such occurrence [from this guy].  That was, until Thursday afternoon, when I casually strolled past on my way to VCA, and was stopped by not one, but three different people [or pairs of people] advertising their shows.  Typically, this was one of the few days throughout the festival on which I had non-comedy-related plans.

Without further ado [and please excuse the awful iPhone photos – I am writing this on a train, and this is all that I have to work with at the moment]:

flyer5 no2

The 5:30 Show: “A solid variety of laughter.”

Suns of Fred – Excited: “Side-splitting hilarity? Yes Please!”

Corey White & Dan Rath – Diagnosed: “Comedy is ritual self-ebasement.”

And there ends a blog segment that I thought would be far better [and more frequent] than it actually was.  A metaphor for many things in life.

At some point in the future, I’ll post a wrap-up of my MICF experience.  At the moment I’m only 5 shows away from my goal of 50, so we’ll see how that goes.  It really all depends on how late I can keep my eyes open tonight.  Comedy is fun, but I miss sleeping.




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